150000 Rosedale HWY Bakersfield CA 93314


  • Drivable roads
  • Electricity
  • Highway Exit
  • Highway Frontage
  • Sewer
  • Water

Lot A

Unprecedented Development Opportunity in Booming Rosedale, CA

The potential of the West Beltway highway alignment, paired with an interchange at Rosedale Hwy, is set to revolutionize the landscape of Rosedale, California. This visionary project is poised to unlock a multitude of development prospects for businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

Key Advantages:

Strategic Location: Situated in the flourishing Rosedale, this project promises direct access to Bakersfield, Fresno, and other major cities in the Central Valley. This corridor will serve as a conduit for growth and connectivity.

Local Access and Attractions: The interchange at Rosedale Hwy offers seamless access to the vibrant local businesses and attractions, further enhancing the appeal of this development.

Economic Catalyst: This ambitious undertaking is poised to create a surge in employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and elevate the overall quality of life for Rosedale residents.

Development Phases:

Townhome Zone (30 Acres with Rezoning): With potential for up to 275 townhomes, this zone responds to the demand for modern, community-centric living spaces.

Dedicated Highway Area (22 Acres): Essential for the West Beltway highway, this allocation solidifies the project's role in enhancing regional connectivity.

Seller Support: The seller offers a one-year escrow period, with earnest money milestone deposits along the way, demonstrating a commitment to the success of this venture.

It's time to turn visions into reality and be part of Rosedale's transformative journey. Contact Bryce Perez, a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designated Realtor, specializing in land brokerage and commercial development.

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